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Henan Xintai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd.

  Henan Xintai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001. It is located in the industrial gathering area of ​​Gongyi City, Henan Province. The company has a registered capital of 10 million RMB 10 million, covering an area of ​​780,000 square meters and currently employs more than 3200 people. . Xintai Aluminum has "fast delivery cycle, strong processing capacity, and guaranteed quality" has become a domestic supplier of aluminum veneer curtain wall production from raw materials to deep processing. Xintai Aluminum has 9 cold rolling production lines, 41 casting rolling mills, one 1850 double-curling hot rolling mill and a 260-meter roll coating thick plate production line, two fully automatic spraying production lines, three color coated thin plate production lines, and supporting More than 100 sets of aluminum veneer processing equipment such as CNC bending machine, CNC shearing machine, CNC engraving machine and automatic turret punching, etc., standing 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 6 series curtain wall base material 6000 tons. Can process and produce various A variety of special special-shaped aluminum veneers such as punching boards, carved boards, hyperbolic boards, etc. The daily output is 3000 square meters, and the monthly output can reach 100,000 square meters, to meet the needs of customers in all aspects as much as possible.

  Main business: pre-rolled aluminum plate (roll), imitation stone (wood grain) aluminum veneer, fluorocarbon sprayed aluminum veneer, powder sprayed aluminum veneer, aluminum honeycomb panel, thermal insulation integrated board, chameleon magic color aluminum veneer, etc. Decoration materials.

  Engineering case:

  Wanda projects: Shanghai Zhoupu Wanda, Zhongyuan Wanda Plaza, Shenyang Wanda Plaza, Anyang Wanda Plaza, Wuhai Wanda Plaza, Xinxiang Wanda, Hebi Wanda, Qingdao Huangdao District Wanda, Guizhou Liupanshui Wanda, Jinan Wanda, Huanggang Wanda Plaza, Huaibei Wanda Plaza, Taiyuan Wanda Plaza, Rizhao Wanda Plaza, Shanxi Yuncheng Wanda Interior Decoration, Hebi Wanda Plaza, Tengzhou Wanda Plaza, Rizhao Wanda Plaza;

  Jianye projects: Luoyang Jianye, Luohe Jianye, Jianye Kaixuan Plaza, Jianye City, Jianye Hundred City World Complex;

  Airport projects: Wusu Airport, Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport, Rizhao Airport, Zhengzhou Airport Public Security Building, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport Terminal 2, Changsha Airport, Baiyun Airport, Wudalianchi Airport;

  High-speed rail projects: Xuchang High-speed Rail Station, Zhengzhou Rail Transit Line 1, Changsha-Zhutan Intercity Railway, Zhengzhou Metro Rail Line 2;

  Hospital projects: Xingtai Eye Hospital, Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Affiliated Hospital of Chinese People's Liberation Army General Hospital, Panjin Central Hospital, Qingshan District Puren Hospital, Zhengzhou People's Hospital, Henan Maternity and Child Health Hospital, Qilu Hospital, Zhengzhou Ninth People's Hospital , Affiliated Hospital of Yunnan Dali University, Interior Decoration of Section A of Xi'an Tuberculosis Hospital, 91 Central Hospital of the People's Liberation Army, Comprehensive Inpatient Building of the Second Hospital of Shanxi Medical University, Xiangya Changde Hospital, Dengzhou Third People's Hospital, Rizhao Donggang Hospital, Provincial Children's Hospital, Jinan Children's Hospital Project, Runan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zibo Old Central Hospital, Jinan Children's Hospital, Shangqiu Infectious Disease Hospital, Puyang County Hospital.

  Henan Xintai Aluminum Co., Ltd. has successively won the "Chinese Brand", "China Quality Miles", "China Building Decoration Association Member Unit", "National Quality Supervision Qualified Product Red List", "China 3.15 Honest Enterprise", and "Hundred Years of Peaceful Residence" The honorary titles of "Selected Brand of Engineering Construction Materials", "Qualified Enterprise in National Product Quality Supervision and Spot Check", "National Quality Inspection Stable and Qualified Product", etc. It has been formally selected by 12 departments including Henan Provincial Government, Development and Reform Commission, Environmental Protection Bureau, and Housing and Urban-Rural Development Department as "Key Projects in Henan Province and Other Related Projects. Focus on Encouraging Procurement and Use of Products". Xintai Aluminum has now become the designated aluminum veneer supplier of Wanda Group, Zhengshang Group, Yaxing Group, Evergrande Group, Greenland Group, Jinke Real Estate, Vanke Real Estate, Jianye Real Estate and other enterprises, and has been selected as Xiongan List of building materials selection in the new district.

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